A wise man said to me recently the three things a man needs is to love someone; to do something meaningful and to have something to look forward to. These three things are a constant through the different stages of a man’s life whether it be adolescence, mid-life, transition and/or retirement.

As blokes we need to remember these three needs and actively stay engaged as they are a strong conduit to maintaining a healthy disposition and aids in building something else into our life other than just our work to identify ourselves by.

Many people talk about resilience, which is the individual capacity to deal with stuff in our lives (this varies from person to person). The majority of us operate within the bounds of the stretching of a rubber band (non-stretched and stretched). This innate capacity often boils down to how we are individually hardwired and it may also be a reflection of our upbringing and/or events experienced through our life’s journey. What we do know is that we all need to unplug the dam to let some stuff out every now and then so that the dam doesn’t burst its banks and cause us to crash.

When we link the three things a man needs (that is to love someone; do something meaningful and to have something to look forward to) to our capacity to deal with stuff in our lives (eg stopping the dam wall from bursting) it helps:-

  • maintain balance;
  • make sense of some of the basic fundamentals in our DNA (our warrior attitude); and
  • improve our individual resilience to both survive and thrive.

We need to be mindful of living in the present and connecting with others. For a bloke this connectedness is really important and can be maintained simply by attending a local men’s shed, playing bowls or participating/watching our preferred sport with a friend, having a cuppa with a neighbour or spontaneously dropping in on a mate. So remember take time to laugh with others and enjoy what we do, talk to a mate about our health and wellbeing and/or ask him how he is going and make sure we block out some time at the end of our busy periods to have a break.

On another matter – RMHI is hosting the Warrior Ambassador Awards Celebration Dinner at Joondalup Resort on Saturday, 1st April 2017. This is going to be a celebration of men’s wellbeing and health for rural and regional WA whilst acknowledging past contributors and inducting six new ambassadors.

Please feel welcome to join us for dinner and a night full of celebrations. Ticket includes, entertainment, guest speaker, pre-dinner drinks with canapes, garden buffet and beer, wine & soft drinks. Ticket price $100/head or alternately you can organise your own table of 8 for a discounted price of $640. To purchase tickets please contact our office telephone (08)9690 222