About the Regional Men’s Health Initiative

Wheatbelt Men’s Health (Inc.) (WMH) is a not for profit organisation formed to raise awareness of men’s wellbeing and health.

The organisation was formed in May 2002. Our office is based in Northam and we service regional, rural and remote WA.

WMH (Inc.) emphasis is on men’s holistic wellbeing and health, which means the whole person and understanding problems/issues in the context of life. When we consider the individual we believe we are more than just physical and mental beings, the often neglected element, is our “social/spiritual” wellbeing.

We promote the requirement that it is important to know and understand the story behind our identity and what it is that makes us an individual.

We engage with men on their terms and go to where the blokes are.

Since July 2010 WMH has been delivering “The Regional Men’s Health Initiative”.