Fast Track Pit Stop®

An interactive wellbeing and health awareness and listening tool that is themed around the servicing of a vehicle. Participants have the following checks:

Waist Measurement – (Chassis)
Blood Pressure – (Oil Pressure)
Coping Skills – (Shock Absorbers)

Participants will have their waist line (chassis) and blood pressure (oil pressure) measured and are asked 10 questions that help to identify stress levels and coping skills (shock absorbers).  If the participants have one or more of the listed things out of tune, however slight, they are then given some simple pointers to help them retune.  The Fast Track Pit Stop® is a simple and non-invasive way of helping men become more aware and take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

Fast Track Pit Stops® can be run at community events such as local agricultural shows and field days like the Dowerin Field Day but can be run wherever it might be appropriate. There is no cost for our programs to regional WA community events. We provide resources (pen, magnet, Wellbeing Tips booklet & other men’s specific health and wellbeing info/brochures if needed) to participants of the Fast Track Pit Stop®.

The slogan”...before it all gets too much…Talk to a Mate!!®” is the basis of all our initiatives.

We promote the importance of mateship and use empathy and appropriate humour to engage with blokes.

Fast Track Pit Stop