Partnerships between the Regional Men’s Health Initiative and other organisations have proven effective in advancing men’s health. If you’d like to talk about a partnership, please contact us.

Current partnerships include:

Men’s Outreach Service – Aboriginal Corporation

This has been ongoing since 2013, and allows the two groups to work collaboratively and RMHI to support MOSAC to achieve its objectives to improve men’s wellbeing.  It is recognised that the activities undertaken by MOSAC will differ from those conducted by RMHI due to the different needs and circumstances of the region. This strategic alliance is about adding value to MOS core activities (not replicating) and MOSAC providing RMHI an interface with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley.

WA Mental Health Commission

WMH Inc. is currently funded as an initiative of the state-wide suicide prevention strategy, Suicide Prevention 2020: Together we can save lives.  The purpose of the grant is for the provision of mental health and wellbeing education for men living in regional, rural and remote farming communities across Western Australia. This is a valid endorsement of the RMHI product. RMHI has actively been involved with the ‘Men’s Expert Group’ to look at, participate in and continue to develop the state wide Think Mental Health Campaign.

Western Australian Country Football League (WACFL)

RMHI identified that the younger male demographic (the higher risk takers) were not sufficiently represented as users of services and educational activities. RMHI has been sponsoring a ‘Talk to a Mate®’ Men’s Wellbeing Round in the WACFL since 2014 to engage younger men throughout regional Western Australia. This engages 25 country football associations and 160 senior teams across regional WA and exposes the message directly to 5,000 younger men. Learn more

Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development

RMHI has worked informally with the Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development (formerly DAFWA) on National Drought Program Reform. The objectives of the reform align with the core work that RMHI does in rural & regional WA. These 5 objectives are:

a) Assist farm families and primary producers adapt to and prepare for the impacts of increased climate variability.

b) Encourage farm families and primary producers to adopt self-reliant approaches to manage their business risks.

c) Ensure that farm families in hardship have access to a household support payment that recognises the special circumstances of farmers.

d) Ensure appropriate social support services are accessible to farm families.

e) Provide a framework for jurisdictions responses to needs during periods of drought.

Men’s Shed Association of WA (MSWA)

An MOU has been signed with MSWA to foster overall ties delivering education to men’s sheds in regional, rural and remote WA and to have the capacity to deliver warrior education sessions to metropolitan sheds on a ‘fee for service’ basis.

Australian Men’s Health Forum (AMHF) 

RMHI has an MOU with AMHF, Australia’s peak body on men’s issues and RMHI also played an important advocacy role in that organisation getting federal funding for three years to develop the ‘National Men’s Health Policy’ and to develop position papers on a range of issues affecting men.

WA Department of Health 

Reference Group Statewide WA Men’s Health and Wellbeing Policy. This initiative was a Labor party election promise (March 2017) with the policy to be delivered by the end of 2018. The purpose of the Policy is to provide direction to WA Health Dept. and all those involved in men’s health and wellbeing in WA to deliver strategies that improves the physical, mental and social/emotional wellbeing of men and boys living in WA. RMHI’s role was representing males living in regional, rural and remote areas. The policy was launched in Men’s Health Week 10th to 17th June 2019.

West Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) 

RMHI is partnered with WAFIC to deliver warrior education sessions to the fishers across all the fisheries in the State at various industry zone meetings and fishers’ gatherings. This is ongoing and valued support to this primary industry.

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